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Eddie Alford

Writer/Artistic Director

Brighton Festival Argus Angel Award

for Artistic Excellence 2011

Love in the Harbour
Love In The Harbour

First World War flying drama amid Anglo-Irish tension: romance, laughter, music - and tragedy - based on historical archive documents.

Love In The Harbour by Eddie Alford starts in the Grand Canal Hotel in Shannon Harbour, Ireland, almost exactly a hundred years ago. The Irish Revolution for independence from Britain is coming to the boil. Alongside it, there's trench warfare against the Kaiser's troops in the final years of World War I. George, a central character, is fighting in both. But, as a Lieutenant in the (Royal) Irish Regiment, he is in a three cornered battle. Many Irish people fighting for a republic see him as a traitor.

(Review by) Mike Aiken (who undertakes reviews/writes in Brighton for Source Magazine and New Venture Theatre).